Our permanent innovation and differentiation is aimed at your complete satisfaction. All we create is made thinking of people. Every innovation is meant to simplify and improve your life. We are particularly proud of the steps taken in the Research, Development and Innovation chapter - where we were one of the first certified companies in the industry. The best R&D solves complex problems, making life choices look easy and natural.



We closely monitor this constantly changing society and bring together interdisciplinary specialists in co-creation to research, develop, test and produce, with a focus on real-life environments, different typologies of professional footwear.

In addition to the user`s feedback, which is crucial for us to serve even better, we believe that networking, both with the academic world and with institutions and business partners that favor the incorporation of technological gains, is indispensable to our constant search for the best technical solution for your life.



Innovation as a response to new challenges, a regular commitment in quality and certification of processes and adhesion of equipment and materials reflect our restless spirit, which afford us to be among the largest European producers of professional footwear.

The CLIMA CORK SYSTEM and the RSA are just two examples of the creative ability that favors and distinguishes our models.

CLIMA CORK SYSTEM (CCS) is an exclusive system of Lavoro, which allows to create a natural environment for the feet, both in the field of temperature and their accommodation in shoes. Through the inclusion of an insulating layer of cork between the sole and the insole, CLIMA CORK SYSTEM regulates the heat and cold inside the footwear and gives extra comfort. The cork allows the creation of a kind of "footprint", favors its adaptation to the shoe and contributes to the reduction of fatigue, by benefiting the uniform distribution of the weight.

RESPONSIVE SHOCK ABSORPTION (RSA) system, patented by Lavoro, revolutionizes shock absorption in the shoe. With an open and extra-damping impact zone, it makes footwear more comfortable and the act of walking more pleasant and easy. The standards applicable to this characteristic of safety footwear require a minimum value of 20 Joules. Our range satisfies an average value of 60 Joules, but the RSA reaches 120 Joules in absorption. It is a performance six times higher than the standards require ...



We know full well that successful industries have only one way: to make their own products obsolete before others do. In 2011, the certification of our Research, Development and Innovation Management System (R&D) made us the first industry in the professional footwear sector to conduct an activity in accordance with NP 4457: 2007.

We seek to innovate in order to enhance our lives and, in partnership with CEIF-Center for Forest Fire Studies (ADAI - University of Coimbra), we have recently developed two unparalleled boots on the market.

Fénix boot is a life-saving innovation: it helps to reduce cases where firefighters put their physical integrity at risk by using appropriate professional footwear in light of the law but unsuited to the extreme real conditions they face. After several tests, Fenix had a high resistance to thermal impacts similar to forest fires (500 degrees Celsius) and good conditions of integrity for its user, even higher than the standards that determine the requirements to be observed by the individual firefighting protection equipment

Thor boot has high indices of resistance to the possible mechanical impacts in forestry operations with Trimmers or Brushcutters. If there are situations in which trimming has to be carried out with the aid of Trimmers or Brushcutters, it is also a requirement to use personal protective equipment, such as THOR boots, which in addition to the toe have a unique internal protection system against cuts and punctures, which otherwise could lead to very serious injuries.



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