We are proud to be a benchmark for the quality of our products and services. Protecting what is important.

Making people feel special. Helping the world of work to become more secure.


At Lavoro, we are genuinely committed to your safety and health.

With research, development and design ascertained, our commitment is with your well-being.

Our permanent innovation and differentiation aim at your complete satisfaction.

We are proud to be a benchmark for the quality of our products and services.

We seek perfection to think of you.

Because we want to play an active role in your LIFE.




«Give me a good pair of boots

[…] I'll be a happy man Yes, I'm a fan of the simple life»

Drake White, Simple Life


Engineering life

Leonardo da Vinci often exclaimed that "simplicity is the last degree of sophistication." Why?

Because as complex as thought, calculation or the process of elaboration or manufacture, what really matters is the usefulness of the product in the life of its user.

This is the basic principle of our "engineering life" philosophy: we deal with the sophisticated engineering of professional footwear so that it becomes as simple as possible and therefore more useful for the lives of the greatest number of people. We aim at the maximum satisfaction and trust of our customers.

For thirty-two years, the Lavoro spirit has been based on a shared vision and a constant and passionate search for comfort combined with beauty and, of course, functionality. We have the courage to pursue, every day, perfection: simplicity.

We are fans of the simple life; of the professional footwear thought to simplify the life of the professionals in the most diverse work environments; of products designed to provide safety and well-being, confidence and comfort in a work context, a sense of freedom and naturalness of movement.

Lavoro's professional footwear models are ultimately intended to provide hygiene moments and experiences, as the Danes would say, even during working periods, when one tries to use time in an effective way, in order to respond to the most diverse challenges.


Keep it simple, keep it Lavoro

Teófilo Leite


For 32 years we have been one of the most renowned European producers of professional footwear for men and women, for various sectors: industry, construction, logistics, transport, maintenance, electronics, mining, health, forestry and militarized forces. We export 80% of production to more than 50 markets and affirm ourselves as a service industry. We were the first company in our sector to hold certification in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D). In order to advise on the appropriate footwear for each work environment, we created SPODOS - Foot Science Center and established partnerships with research centers and universities.


Lavoro is available to collaborate in journalistic work on analysis of the footwear sector, and professional footwear, in particular; as well as in the critical reflections on the most relevant topics and trends of the present day confining with its sector of activity. Please send us your request. We will be quick on the answer.


We are available to welcome all those who want to embrace new challenges, recognize the opportunities and demonstrate that they can have a positive impact on the company. To submit your application, please complete the following form..


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