What is your type?

In this ever-changing society, which LAVORO monitors to the detail, we reunite interdisciplinary experts in a space of co-creation to develop, test and produce various types of occupational footwear that may enhance our responsiveness. With an ingenious course of 25 years of innovation in customer service, we like to organize and tailor our offer to the challenges of a society that demands faster innovation, more effective and incorporates the perspective of end users at an early stage of the activities research and development. What is your type?

Heavy Industry

Hello! I am Mário

I’m a civil engineer, with a specialization in reinforced concrete. I love football and all-terrain: so do my two boys. I always teach them that "safety comes first" whether in sport and in my daily life as an engineer.

Security forces

Hello! I am Afonso.

I belong to a security force with the headquarters in Lisbon but with regular intervention in various parts of the country. Me and my colleagues have a mission to ensure law and order and public safety. But I've also been a military. I have been assigned in Bosnia. In either case, we always use uniforms.

Light Industry

Hi! My name is Joana.

Airplanes are my whole life: I’m an aircraft technician so I spend my days inside on maintenance, and I love to travel.


Hello! I am Rose

I dedicate my life to the care and maintain green spaces. I like to surround myself with nature and I really appreciate art.


Hi there, I am Hugo!

I study music and I want to be a drummer. During the day I’m also a courier and on Saturdays night I’m a DJ at the club. I often go to the Casa da Música in Porto to deliver orders; I park the motorcycle and go up the stairs running, always in a rush. But one day, when I’m a musician, I’ll play there!


Hello! I`m David

I’m an electronics technician. I took a technical course and I specialized in the maintenance of electronic equipment for railways and metro.


Hello! I am Sophia.

I studied hotel management and now I took a course in geriatric care. I care about everyone around me, especially older people, a fast-growing age group in the European Union.


Hello! I am Maria

I'm a nurse now for several years and moved to Guimarães, Portugal’s birthplace and European Capital of Culture 2012.

High Risk

Hello! I am Cristiano.

I live and work in one of the most beautiful places in my country: the magnificent forest surrounding the National Palace of Pena, on the mythic Sintra of Lord Byron. More than 200 hectares of forest, created in the second half of the 19th century, Pena National Forest is considered the "Park of Europe", with the richest and most unusual set of tree species, yet non-existent in the countries and continents they came from.