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With 15 registered patents LAVORO is the third Portuguese company with more records and the only non-pharmaceutical in the first four positions in the ranking of the most innovative Portuguese companies. The CLIMA CORK SYSTEM, TOE BOX, RSA and 3D VARIO are just four examples of the creative ability that distinguishes and promotes LAVORO in competitive international markets.

It's a unique and internationally registered system that creates a natural environment for the feet. Through the inclusion of an insulating layer of cork between the sole and insole, the CLIMA CORK SYSTEM regulates heat and cold inside the shoe and provides extra comfort. Cork allows the creation of a sort of "fingerprint" of the foot, leading to their adaptation to the shoe and helps reduce fatigue, to benefit from the uniform distribution of weight.

Made of composite materials, lighter and more resistant, with high energy absorption capacity, the TOE BOX has an exceptional 'memory capacity'. In other words, it allows the toe cap to quickly recover its original form after temporary deformation caused by impact or compression. Featuring only a front for the introduction of the toes, the TOE BOX ensures: greater resistance to lateral compression (the closed base guarantees that matter), more internal space available during the impact and / or compression (the base prevents deformation of the closed sole) and complete protection for drilling in the toe area.

 How it works!

The new system RESPONSIVE SHOCK ABSORPTION (RSA) patented by LAVORO revolutionizes the shock absorbing shoe. With an open area of impact and extra cushioning, RSA makes the shoe more comfortable and the act of walking more enjoyable and easy. The rules applicable to this feature of the safety footwear require a minimum of 20 Joules. The range meets LAVORO an average of 60 Joules. But RSA reaches 120 Joules absorption: it is a six times higher than the standard requirement ...

Resulting from studies in the field of podiatry, 3D Vario a unique system that allows feet with the same length but with different volumes to fit perfectly in the same shoe. Recent studies indicate that for the same length the foot volume varies about 10% (between 900 cm3 and 1150 cm3, to be exact). For the shoe to fit the foot, LAVORO developed 3D Vario which incorporates three anatomical insoles with different thickness levels. Each pair of shoes contains three granulated cork insoles, lined with natural leather. The user can choose which one fits better his features and achieve unmatched comfort...

 How it works!