With the support of SPODOS, its Foot Science Center, developed in partnership with AMI | Hospital Privado Guimarães, LAVORO produces professional footwear for men or women, more suitable to a variety of business sectors. Electronics, transports, hospitals, construction, mining, agriculture, logistics, metallurgy and even fire departments and militarized forces.

Apart from the quality and high levels of safety and security, Lavoro models do not neglect the health and body posture, favoring therefore the adaptation of the foot to the biomechanical challenges of each profession.

Headquartered in Guimarães, exports to 50 markets, more than 90% of the 600,000 pairs annually produced.



The foot, being the support of the postural system is a highly relevant element for the whole body structure, therefore, Lavoro seeks to produce professional footwear that besides using innovative materials, match the aesthetic trends of each season and protect the foot, still plays the structuring mission to preserve proper alignment of the members. The presence of functionality on professional footwear (shock absorption, control stability and motion control) aims, beyond the correction of certain anatomical deficiencies of the feet, also its adaptation to different biomechanical requirements on day-to-day work, profession to profession. Foot problems Stress fractures, sprains, strains, calluses, warts, blisters and chilblains are problems that can occur at the workplace, or are aggravated by the work environment. The calluses and ulcers may be caused by pressure of normal professional footwear that does not fit neatly into the foot. The pain in the arch of the foot or heel are, generally associated with muscle contraction, induced by poor posture of the foot. As to the minor skin irritations can reduce mobility or productivity, is important, in any case related to foot health, including wounds and exhaustion, get advice from a podiatrist - that LAVORO offers through SPODOS, its Foot Science Center.


O pé em contexto laboral

Os desafios diários do trabalho – locomoção, longos períodos em pé, levantar, saltar de ou para máquinas – pressionam, e muito, os pés – muitas vezes a mais negligenciado e esquecida parte do nosso corpo.

Durante o período laboral, os pés podem absorver até três vezes mais o peso corporal de cada um e, num único dia, uma marcha equivalente a 24 quilómetros. O próprio ambiente de trabalho pode criar riscos para a saúde do pé. Soalhos com óleo, escorregadios ou molhados e a exposição a temperaturas muito elevadas ou negativas potenciam o risco de lesões.

Cada trabalhador em ambiente de risco deve ter, por isso, consciência dos desafios que enfrenta e desenvolver estratégias de segurança e protecção do pé, incluindo o uso de calçado profissional.



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