The ADAI-Centro de Estudos sobre Incêndios Florestais (CEIF - University of Coimbra), partner of ICC - Lavoro in the development of special models of professional footwear, presents, on 6 October, in La Núcía, Spain two house-studies Lavoro, the scope of SINIF 2016, an international symposium on forest fires. 

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Geographer Ricardo Oliveira presents FÉNIX in his dissertation on "safety boots resistant to high thermal impacts in the fight against forest fires". The FÉNIX boot is a life-saving innovation: it helps to mitigate cases where firefighters endanger their physical integrity by using appropriate professional footwear in the light of the law but inadequate to the extreme real conditions they face.

It showed a high resistance to thermal impacts similar to forest fires (500 degrees Celsius) and good conditions of integrity for its user, even higher than the standards that determine the requirements to be observed by the individual firefighting protection equipment.

The engineer Cláudia Pinto, in turn, presents THOR when talking about "safety boots with high resistance to the possible mechanical impacts in forestry operations with motorboats". If there are situations in which the desertification has to be carried out with the aid of a motor-machine, the use of personal protective equipment, such as THOR boots, must also be a requirement in addition to the toe.

It has a unique individual proton system, with THOR boots, which besides the toe have a unique internal cost protection system, which has been tested by independent laboratories