Lavoro presented new models in Germany

In order to assert itself, increasingly, on a global scale, as a service industry, Lavoro surprised visitors to its stand at A + A 2015, with new models of professional footwear and on-site demonstrations of SPODOS activity, Your Foot Science Center - which aims at the development and technical advice of the footwear most appropriate to each type of work environment
With the help of technology such as Spodos Print (which depicts plantar impression) and Spodos 3D (which depicts foot volumetry), it has demonstrated to many clients and potential customers their innovative production approach: to get to know the feet of users Of their shoes, as well as the work environments of each one to be able to conceive or advise the typology of footwear that best suits the professional challenges of each one. As a result, requests for training in a wide range of markets were multiplied.




In its 14th consecutive participation in A + A, Lavoro affirmed itself to be no longer a manufacturer of shoes but as an industry of technological solutions for professional footwear for the most diverse professions. Among the wide range of models presented, highlight the Highway, which, inspired by the tires of cars, boasts high levels of resistance to abrasion; O Energy, which enhances various levels of safety for workers who make the risk profession; And the Woodpecker, which with a system of steel studs adjustable to the sole of the boot, promises to keep upright and smiling on the face, even in the most extreme conditions, woodcutters from all over the globe.