ICC - Lavoro distinguished as PME (small/medium company) Leader 2014

ICC - Industrias e Comercio de Calcado, which owns the Lavoro brand, it was awarded for the 5th consecutive year, the status of PME Leader, this time[+]

CONCURSO | Até D. Afonso Henriques recomenda Lavoro

A Lavoro, em parceria com o Instituto do Design de Guimarães, abrem hoje um concurso para a criação de um cartoon sobre o tema[+]

Lavoro apresentou novos modelos na Alemanha

Lavoro apresentou novos modelos na Alemanha SPODOS surpreende na A+A Para se afirmar, cada vez mais, à escala global, como uma[+]

SICUR - FREE Tickets

SICUR is coming!! (23-26 Feb)To visit our booth, please get your free ticket for the next edition of SICUR 2016[+]

ICC - Lavoro distinguished as PME (small/medium company) Leader 2013

  ICC - Industrias e Comercio de Calcado, which owns the Lavoro brand, was once again awarded the status of PME Leader, this time for the year[+]

Arquitetos com Lavoro

A LAVORO celebrou, no final do ano passado, um protocolo com a Secção Regional do Norte da Ordem dos Arquitetos (OASRN), que permite,[+]


DIA INTERNACIONAL DA MULHER Lavoro oferece botas Fénix a “super-bombeira”   Para assinalar o Dia Internacional da Mulher, que[+]

McLaren accelerates with Lavoro

At Mclaren Formula One, a sports and sharply competitive spirit is present even in the workshops. The proof is the choice that this team of engineers[+]

Lavoro records highest number of visits in A+A 2013

In its 13th consecutive presence at A+A in Dusseldorf, the world's leading personal protective equipment, ICC - Lavoro recorded the highest number of[+]

Lavoro no Segurex 2013

ICC apresentou no Segurex uma "chuteira" para trabalhoprofissional Lavoro celebra parceria com FC Porto. No Segurex - Salão[+]

Expresso destaca ICC – Lavoro

A consultora Augusto Mateus & Associados identificou o calçado profissional da ICC – Lavoro como um dos 40 produtos de[+]

Visita de Estudo à ICC

No passado dia 8 de Novembro, os alunos do Curso de Educação e Formação – Operadores de Armazém do Externato[+]

A lot of "LAVORO" leaving from Guimarães

In the September 25th edition, and included under  the item of the ‘Export & Internationalization Awards', supported by Banco[+]

Women Works taking off

Women Works, the company that distributes LAVORO Woman products in Holland is still young, but is starting to take off: there’s a lot of[+]

Lavoro's SME Leader for the third year in a row

The Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI) awarded ICC with the SME Leader[+]

Because a single size does not fit all

It's called "Women Works" and no ... it is not the female version of the Australian band "Men at[+]

The sexiest shoes in Europe

LAVORO is perfectly tuned with the new campaign of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Footwear Components and Leather goods and their[+]

LAVORO, a successfull case study for TVI

"At first glance they appear to be simple sports shoes but in fact this is a very special style" said the[+]

RTP puts the spotlight at LAVORO CUP

In addition to the news that had come out ​​about ICC – LAVORO’s  presence at the A + A[+]

LAVORO with immigrants and Luso-descendants

LAVORO's stand at the A + A 2011 fair was visited by various media, including “O Emigrante/Mundo[+]

GAPI Awards distinguish LAVORO CUP

The GAPI Awards | Technologic Innovation 2011, the Portuguese footwear industry Oscars, awarded the new[+]

Economics press emphasizes LAVORO’s innovations

The success of the innovations introduced by LAVORO at the A + A fair at Düsseldorf also echoed in the[+]

LAVORO shines at RTP

"To the thousands of buyers and sellers from all around the world who crossed the corridors of A+A, in Düsseldorf, Germany,[+]

Glamour reinforces ladies expertise

During the A+A, Lavoro strengthened its wide range of professional designs for ladies, as well as its status[+]

ICC - LAVORO holds unique certification in Europe

ICC, LAVORO's parent company, has today become the first European professional footwear industry to obtain an IDI certification in accordance with[+]

LAVORO, innovation professionals

LAVORO has once again been recognized by its investment in research, development and innovation, achieving a 801/1000 score in COTEC'S Innovation[+]

LAVORO brand is “IN”

ICC highlighted in the press.   The newspapers “Expresso” and “Vida Economica” recently conducted two journalistic studies where innovation[+]

“Radar de Negócios” on RTPN detects ICC Business.

“Radar de Negócios”, public portuguese TV Channel RTPN program, decided to know the profile of modern Portuguese footwear firms and detected[+]

ICC with the status of SME (Small and medium enterprises) Leader

The Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment (IAPMEI) gave ICC earlier this year of 2011, the SME leader status within[+]

ICC celebrated 25 years of activity

Ceremony distinguished those who collaborate from the foundation ICC – Industria e Comercio de Calçado celebrate, in 2011, 25 years of activity[+]