Two case studies Lavoro in an international symposium on forest fires

The ADAI-Center of Studies on Forest Fires (CEIF - University of Coimbra), a partner of ICC - Lavoro in the development of special models of[+]

ICC- Lavoro distinguished as PME LEADER 2015

ICC - Industrias e Comercio de Calcado, which owns the Lavoro brand, it was awarded for the 6th consecutive year, the status of PME Leader, this time[+]

Lavoro apresentou novos modelos na Alemanha

Lavoro apresentou novos modelos na Alemanha SPODOS surpreende na A+A Para se afirmar, cada vez mais, à escala global, como uma[+]

Arquitetos com Lavoro

A LAVORO celebrou, no final do ano passado, um protocolo com a Secção Regional do Norte da Ordem dos Arquitetos (OASRN), que permite,[+]


DIA INTERNACIONAL DA MULHER Lavoro oferece botas Fénix a “super-bombeira”   Para assinalar o Dia Internacional da Mulher, que[+]

McLaren accelerates with Lavoro

At Mclaren Formula One, a sports and sharply competitive spirit is present even in the workshops. The proof is the choice that this team of engineers[+]

Lavoro records highest number of visits in A+A 2013

In its 13th consecutive presence at A+A in Dusseldorf, the world's leading personal protective equipment, ICC - Lavoro recorded the highest number of[+]

Expresso destaca ICC – Lavoro

A consultora Augusto Mateus & Associados identificou o calçado profissional da ICC – Lavoro como um dos 40 produtos de[+]

Visita de Estudo à ICC

No passado dia 8 de Novembro, os alunos do Curso de Educação e Formação – Operadores de Armazém do Externato[+]

A lot of "LAVORO" leaving from Guimarães

In the September 25th edition, and included under  the item of the ‘Export & Internationalization Awards', supported by Banco[+]

Women Works taking off

Women Works, the company that distributes LAVORO Woman products in Holland is still young, but is starting to take off: there’s a lot of[+]

Lavoro's SME Leader for the third year in a row

The Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI) awarded ICC with the SME Leader[+]

Because a single size does not fit all

It's called "Women Works" and no ... it is not the female version of the Australian band "Men at[+]

The sexiest shoes in Europe

LAVORO is perfectly tuned with the new campaign of the Portuguese Association of Industrial Footwear Components and Leather goods and their[+]

LAVORO, a successfull case study for TVI

"At first glance they appear to be simple sports shoes but in fact this is a very special style" said the[+]

RTP puts the spotlight at LAVORO CUP

In addition to the news that had come out ​​about ICC – LAVORO’s  presence at the A + A[+]

LAVORO with immigrants and Luso-descendants

LAVORO's stand at the A + A 2011 fair was visited by various media, including “O Emigrante/Mundo[+]

GAPI Awards distinguish LAVORO CUP

The GAPI Awards | Technologic Innovation 2011, the Portuguese footwear industry Oscars, awarded the new[+]

Economics press emphasizes LAVORO’s innovations

The success of the innovations introduced by LAVORO at the A + A fair at Düsseldorf also echoed in the[+]

LAVORO shines at RTP

"To the thousands of buyers and sellers from all around the world who crossed the corridors of A+A, in Düsseldorf, Germany,[+]

Glamour reinforces ladies expertise

During the A+A, Lavoro strengthened its wide range of professional designs for ladies, as well as its status[+]

ICC - LAVORO holds unique certification in Europe

ICC, LAVORO's parent company, has today become the first European professional footwear industry to obtain an IDI certification in accordance with[+]

LAVORO, innovation professionals

LAVORO has once again been recognized by its investment in research, development and innovation, achieving a 801/1000 score in COTEC'S Innovation[+]

LAVORO brand is “IN”

ICC highlighted in the press.   The newspapers “Expresso” and “Vida Economica” recently conducted two journalistic studies where innovation[+]

“Radar de Negócios” on RTPN detects ICC Business.

“Radar de Negócios”, public portuguese TV Channel RTPN program, decided to know the profile of modern Portuguese footwear firms and detected[+]