Provide to the market, while personal protective equipment specialists, a wide and innovative range of complementary products – from professional footwear to clothing - promoting the overall well being of the user, as well as added value and sustainability of the field.


Lead innovation, production and marketing of personal protective equipment, harmoniously allying safety, health and comfort to prestige and distinction.


Luso (Portuguese*) - As a premise of our identity intrinsically Portuguese.
Activo(Active) - As a proposition of our performance and the genuine commitment of all.
Verdade(Truth) - In support of our commitment and closeness to customers.
Ousadia(Daring) - How vector research, development, innovation and intrinsic quality of our products.
Responsabilidade(Responsibility) - As a guarantee of our relationship with society and the environment.
Ordem(Order) - As a factor of distinction and quality service.