The quality is for you

When talking about the new economy, the words quality, innovation, sustainability and citizenship are inevitably associated with it. ICC  stands as a innovation promoter, through partnerships with institutions dedicated to spread knowledge like universities. Example of that commitment is the new IDI project "S3-Safety Slim Shoe", recently iniciated with the atribuition of a scholarship to the researcher Sérgio Costa, from Universidade do Minho.

"LAVORO stands out for the constant pursuit of values like technical innovation, support, monitoring, availability and excellence... "

LAVORO sees them as a daily challenge to its management as well to its employee's actions. Aiming to significant advances in achieving excellence, we rely on the constant use of techniques and practices committed to quality. Two examples of recognition earned by LAVORO in this field are the recent certification in IDI (Investigation, Development and Innovation), the only one given to a professional footwear company in Europe, and the high score of 801/1000 in the "Innovation scoring "COTEC for the year 2010.

 LAVORO test center.

 LAVORO chainsaw boot test